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Lady Javotte Bocconi: a special friend of our University

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by Barbara Balcon

After having discovered who the streets and squares of our campus are named after (in case you have missed it: Wilhelm Röntgen, Angelo Sraffa, Ulisse Gobbi and Roberto Sarfatti), let’s get to know another part of Bocconi’s history: Residences.

Lady Genoveffa Bocconi (08/10/1879-17/01/1965) was a noble madame from Sardinia. She married Ettore Bocconi, son of Ferdinando.

She has been the president of Bocconi from 1932 to 1957 and during that time she founded the Amici della Bocconi (Friends of Bocconi) association in 1951, of which became the chairwoman. The association is now “Istituto Javotte Bocconi Manca di Villahermosa” and it still plays a fundamental role in our University’s governance.

While she was president of Bocconi, she inaugurated the Via Sarfatti 25 building (“Leoni”), designed by Giuseppe Pagano. She also intensified the cultural exchange and scholarship programs.

She was awarded the Italian Medal of Merit for Culture and Art – a prestigious medal conferred by the President of Italy on the Festa della Repubblica (Republic Day) for her contribution to these fields. On her initiative, the Rettoria San Ferdinando (the church next to the Bunker) was built, as well as the Residence named after her.

In case you are now curious to know whom your dorm is named after, stay tuned and you will find out more soon…

Barbara Balcon

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